Retail Dicks

We’ve all gone shopping, and we all have our visions of what it’s supposed to be like. For me, it’s go in, get my shit, and git. I know what I want, go get it, and get out. Easy peasy.

Dick #1
Do you ever shop at ARC, or other thrift stores? I do. There’s always cool stuff in there, and it’s my go-to for that obsolete computer cable I can’t find anywhere else. I’ve outfitted most of my office with stuff purchased there, right up to the audio system ($17 for a Yamaha amp that originally retailed over $900. I’m good with that).

Some things shouldn’t be bought in thrift stores, and probably not sold, but that’s not my decision.

  • used underwear/socks
  • used cosmetics
  • obsolete DirectTV/Dish Network/cable boxes that cannot be used anymore for anything.
  • Devices that require a remote, that don’t have the remote. I’ll give a pass, if the device supports a remote, but can be operated without it.
  • Things that are missing an integral part to operate. Think of things like vacuums that are missing the belts, etc.
  • Used mattresses that someone’s kid peed all over.

I saw someone in the cosmetics section, opening bottles of lotion, to see what they smelled like.

So there’s a little to unpack. For one, you don’t go into [whatever grocery store], open a jar of spaghetti sauce to see what it smells like, do you? I certainly don’t.

For two: I didn’t see her remove the little paper seal from the bottle, which means it was already opened, before it was put on sale. So, this person was debating purchasing this lotion that was already opened. There’s a lot of dickery going on here, and by multiple parties.

Dick #2
The ‘Customer Service’ desk at the store. A person in front of me purchased the wrong dosage of her vitamins. I did a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation, and came up with a difference of approximately 1/3 of a gram, or about 300 mg. Is an extra couple of crumbs of vitamin E the worst thing in the world?

That wasn’t the end of the world. Shortly into her transaction, her friend comes up, and hands her the ‘correct’ vitamins, and a basket full of groceries. The line is stacking up behind me, with normal, non-dick-people, who are just trying to get a money order, or a pack of cigarettes.

The icing on the cake? She paid with a check. Who writes checks anymore?

Other updates:

If you can’t shamelessly plug yourself, who CAN you shamelessly plug? Take a spin through my Youtube channel, and take some rides with me.

Volume up, on a decent sound system, for the best experience.

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