An interesting coincedence

You get some great, amazingly fantastic news. What’s the first thing you do?

This actually has some intersection with real life.

My poor car is being beat to death, driving the canyon 5 days a week. I’m nursing it along, and frankly, it’s a Toyota and we all know Toyotas just won’t stay dead. But it’s soldiered on, and continues to purr. So I’m gonna give it a vacation.

Tuesday, I went to my tire shop to get a screw pulled out of my tire. Well, there was a car for sale there. It’s not the greatest, and it needs some work, but what really got me, was how honest and straightforward the guy was. If car salesmen were like this guy, we would have no need for the car vending machines.

I’ve been going to this tire shop for more or less ever. It’s a local thing, and they do straight, honest business. No upselling, or weird stuff. And I respect that. The car belonged to one of the employees, so I got ahold of him and we met.

First thing, he starts talking “So, let’s give you the bad news first.” This, threw me initially, but afterwards, it made sense. Before I fall in love with the thing, here’s some stuff you need to know. He went down a list of minor issues, and literally gave me a road map, as to how to fix these things, in what order they should be done, and roughly how much they would cost.

This guy makes car salesmen look like … well, car salesmen. This guy erased about 50 dicks I’ve met that week.

So, after we talked, we went for a spin. Yep, it has some issues, which we talked about before I even started it. Drove around town for a while, and then talked money. We met at a number we liked, I went to the bank to get him a stack of C-notes, and went back and signed papers. I’m now the proud owner of a 2003 Kia Sorento 4WD, for $1800.

Not posting pictures of it yet because I want to get it fixed up first.

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