Prompt 02/02/2023

Do you need a break? From what?

This is actually sort of funny to me.

My life really isn’t that bad, considering how I got here. I live in 2 different outbuildings on my mom’s property, pay no rent, work from home, and take random trips to dispensaries all over the state. Mom asks that I help with some of her logistics, and we muddle our way through.

So, let’s talk about things we could use a break from.


There’s so many different kinds of dicks, I don’t think WordPress has that kinda of hard drive space. I’ll rank a few Top Dicks, for you, though.

  • Highway Dicks:
    This particular dick, is basically an abstraction. Everyone has their own things that make someone a Highway Dick, so insert your own. For me? “You knew the lane was ending 1/4 mile ago. No, you can’t cut in front of me because you couldn’t pass me.”
  • Weather Dicks:
    This includes both TV meteorologists (who are their own subset of Dicks), and Mother Nature, for constantly interfering in my plans for world domination.
  • Political Dicks:
    I don’t care if you’re red, blue, green, or the whole rainbow. Just don’t be a dick about it. Agreeing to disagree is always an option, and from this, we can build bridges.

The News

The news is downright depressing, at least at the national/international level. I’m not a tinfoil-hatter or anything, but I believe that we’re on our downward spiral. Maybe not in your, or my, lifetime, but I feel like the whole house of cards is gonna come crashing down eventually. Not to the level of doomsday prepping, but … just sort of a tired resignation.

The Medical Profession

My mother recently was in the hospital, which has generated a plethora of various appointments. Keeping healthy is important, so I help out where I can. The current thing, is a 3-day a week thing called ‘pulmonary rehab’, which, from what I can see, consists of lots of low-impact, low-stress exercises, that could easily be done at home, or at least not at a hospital.

The medical profession is a business first and foremost. A doctor’s office has every intention of helping you to become, or maintain, being healthy. But they’re also a business, which means a big part of of that is setting another appointment.

They’re also constantly in fear of being sued, so anything that might even remotely develop into the slightest hint of a potential issue, is going to be addressed.

My own take, is that I generally run my body like I run my car. I do basic maintenance, but otherwise, run till something breaks. There’s so many years encoded into my cells – when that time’s up, it’s up.

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