Five things to do for fun …

and a plug for a good friend!

List five things you do for fun.

I’ve had writer’s block, or more like writer’s lack of time. School’s started, and I’m still working at home. These are in no particular order. Before we get to the goodies, I want to shamelessly plug a friend of mine. If you want to see something cool evolving, as it evolves, follow @AFPromotion2023 on Twitter. Check this out.
  1. The Code!
    Those that read me, have probably figured out I’m a bit of a nerd. I enjoy writing code. At one time in my life when I was supremely bored, and was trying to work out an Excel spreadsheet that would solve a sudoku. Good luck with that, once you start seeing the exponents involved. But someone asked me, what fun is it if you have a program to solve the puzzles? My answer, was that I just moved the puzzle. The puzzle for me, became how to write the program. My work, is all about sifting signal from the noise, and I’ve built my tools to do it, while doing it. It’s just like building an airplane, while you’re flying it.
  2. The Towers!
    My fascination with radio towers and antennas goes back to when I was a kid. I’m infamous here, for youthful foibles when I was 13 or so, that involved me stealing TV antennas off houses and hills around here. I don’t do that anymore, thank goodness. But there’s something weird, surreal, and cool, being up there among the signals.
  3. The 80’s
    We all identify with whatever era we were teenagers in, for whatever reason. So, mine was the 80’s. Give me VCRS and Channel 5! My mom’s, for some reason was the 70’s, even though it was in the 60’s when she was a teenager. I enjoy playing with 80’s vintage computers, or emulators. It’s fun to go back to when you were a bad mamma-jamma if you had a 64kb (not mb, or gb) computer.
  4. The Trains!
    Trains, every kid’s had a fascination with. Mine developed when I was a kid, living 4 blocks from a place where tracks ran down the middle of the street. If you’ve never seen a steam locomotive up close and personal, go see one. Find one that’s near you, and go see it when it’s up and running. The TV has been doing these things disservice for years.
  5. The Pot!
    I live in Colorado. Enough said.

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