When I was sick a while back, my sleeping schedule got altered. Normally, I would hit the hay around 11pm and be up around 7.

But then it got twisted. Now I fall horizontal around 8pm, and wake up .. 2-3am. I know there’s ways to fix it, but… why?

71 Funny Sleep Memes For Those Nights When Insomnia Is Kicking In

This time of night, the internet is as fast as it gets for me. This means I can get lots of work done. The phone doesn’t ring, I’m not bugged to do random things, all that good stuff. If I go into the house, the cat will usually follow me out here, sniff around for a while, then find a spot on the couch, or near my feet.

I’ve ranted before about this – just because you work from home, doesn’t mean you’re ‘available’. I punch a time clock just like any other job, and when I’m punched in, my attention is focused on work, and not much else. There’s any number of random tasks that I do during the ‘normal’ day that I’m not bothered by in the wee hours.

There was once a time in my life when I slept 12-14 hours a day. So, I figure I’ve overslept enough, and it’s about time to start doing stuff. Just, at weird times of the day.

18 Insomnia Memes That WIll Keep You Entertained Until You Fall Asleep

This is even funnier. My whole life, I’ve tried to convince myself, and everyone around me, that I’m an introvert.

*looks around office at 4:30 am, nobody here* OK, I’m by myself, except for the cat. I’m alone, but not lonely. I mean, I was a pizza guy. Can a pizza guy be an introvert? I was a sign-spinner, playing air guitar on a street corner for ridonculous money. Literally paid to attract attention, and I was good at it.

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