Did it get cold where you are? It did here, and it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in all my years of living in Colorado.

It wasn’t even the extreme cold. I’ve been in extreme cold before, and it just doesn’t faze me. Put on more layers, and we’re good. And that was the case here.

It was the suddenness of it. Me and my mother were down in town, when it hit. In the space of driving 3 miles through town, the temperarture went from near 50 degrees, to near zero. I’ve never seen such a sharply-edged cold front. We were watching the car windows icing up in real time as we were driving.

Never seen ANYTHING like this

And of course, mom wanted to go to the store. Between 3:56 and 4:42 PM.

So, after picking up the coffee creamer (we had a thirty-cent-off coupon!), we headed for the hills.

My office is the room behind the garage, and has no ‘installed’ heating system. I use a small propane heater, and I have one of those electric radiator things too. Most of the time, the propane will keep it comfortable for me (personally, I’m good at 60 degrees). For two days, I had to run both continuously, and managed to keep the place at 55 degrees.

For two days we stayed warm, and did what people in Colorado do when we’re snowed or colded in. Not like we’re driving anywhere, right?

And what comes in fast, goes out fast as well. Two days later, I was in bed, with the heater struggling to hold 40 degrees. (Don’t worry. I have a delightfully toasty electric blanket.) When I’d went to bed, it was around zero. When I woke up, it was 47 degrees outside (at 3 AM!), and 35 in the cabin.

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