Ah, the holidays

And, like that, I’m out.

I guess I’m just good on holidays. Every year, the Christmas season seems to start earlier and earlier. Now there’s ‘Pre-Black-Friday’ sales. And this says nothing about the people who have to work during this season. I’m not big on giving gifts to people that already have stuff. I want to give to someone who’s struggling. Make a worker’s day — acknowledge their humanity, and acknowledge the fact that these people, are the people who make the magic happen in the store. The unseen heroes, if you will. Don’t be a Karen (which, we all know, is a dick in disguise).

Entitlement is really what it’s all about, isn’t it.

When I was a kid, when we ordered pizza, we called the place, placed our order, and after a while, a beater car full of food would pull up. We’d pay the guy, slip him something for his troubles, and send him off on his adventures.

Now, it’s all about apps. Apps that let you order food from ‘wherever, whenever’. And it’s created a whole generation of entitled .. well, dicks. And people have gotten expectant. “I pushed the button, why didn’t stuff happen?”

If you’ve ever been a customer anywhere, making stuff happen takes time, and people. I have had delivery instructions that have read “leave at the door and go away”. Really? That’s the mentality. I have buttons to push, and money. Humans are now irrelevant, at least the ones in the chain from button-to-face. Kinda hurts a little, doesn’t it? Have we gotten to the point in our society, where this is becoming the norm?

And thus we have the birth of the Karen. There’s a male equivalent, who I’ve heard referred to as a Kevin or a Kyle, but I’m gonna break with tradition and call him Dick. That’s a name, right? First, if your name happens to be Karen, and you’re a nice person, then none of this applies to you. Not all Karens are named Karen, and not all people named Karen, are in fact Karens.

OK, now that’s out of the way. A Karen, in the wild, is a spectacle to see. Cut her off in the school dropoff lane, and you will face the wrath. The price of the item you’re selling her in the store went up by a dime? Duck. You’ve heard the stories, and the legends.

But now we’re raising a whole new generation of Karens and Dicks. We can call them … I don’t know. But you get it. And that’s what us older folks are dealing with. When we were kids, we didn’t get it our way. We got what we got, and were grateful for the opportunity. We answered our doors and phones, and weren’t afraid of the slightest social interaction.

At some point, I’m just gonna have to come down and say it. I’m getting old. No two ways about it. And this happens with every generation.

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