Snow, and crazy mountain views

I feel like I haven’t been posting, but sometimes life intervenes. We had an injured cat that needed to to to the shop. Apparently, it’s not like leaving your car with the mechanic. I mean, how cool would that be?

Nahh, I like my furry pal, and for those of us who are cat people, we know we’d take a bullet for our friends. We would, wouldn’t we?

At any rate, $36, and some antibiotics later, he’s turning back into his old self again.

Yeah. That’s my pal.

On to the goodies. My little hobby has taken off, to the point where I actually spent $40 on Windows software, to make videos. Here’s my latest creation. Watch it, and feel free to give me constructive criticism. I feel like I can do this well given practice.

Me and mom went to Laramie.

This is off a radio tower in Gilpin County. This view is just mind-wrenching.

And I took a trip up to Buckhorn myself, which was a great idea in my head, but it’s a little colder at 8300 feet, than down here at 5500. But, there’s always interesting pictures. There’s something very weird and surreal about this spot. There’s ungodly (I don’t know the numbers) amounts of radio wattage here, though I’m told it’s all above my head and I’m perfectly safe on the ground. Ungodly amounts of data flying above me. Plus, It was windy up here, and like 20 degrees, and I’ve never been up herer when it was windy before. And it’s then, that you hear the wind whistling through all the towers, guy wires, and antennas, and it’s almost unearthly.

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