You all know I obsess over radio antennas, and the imagery that they provide. I’ve found some new sources, so, without further ado…

Mt Farnsworth, UT
Approximate view

My favorite of these are the ones in Nevada. Who knew there were tall mountains in Nevada? California has a large number of these, and they move around. They use them to spot wildfires, and I get cool pictures out of it.

These are things we really don’t think of, do we? We just want our phone to work. But no one ever thinks of the stuff required to make all that stuff work. They pick mountaintops for these antennas, because they have good visibility.

What amazes me is how much these things are hardened against the weather. Some of these locations get just plain blasted in the winter. How they get up there to fix the stuff is far beyond me.

I also got my new toy, the little camera in the backyard that tracks stuff. It was windy the other day, so it spent most of the day tracked in on the tree blowing. I made some adjustments so it wouldn’t trigger so often, and so far so good.

Might be time to turn the heat on.
Me busting my ass at 5 am .. and the camera dutifully busted me.

I completely forgot about the portable firepit. My shin is kinda tore up now. Anyways, thanks for reading!

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