Geeky Computer Stuff

Do any of you program, like, actually get down and dirty with the code? If so, much respect. I do as well. And after a while, the epiphany hits me square in the face: Learning programming, helps you learn life in general. This will be a bit of a read, but trust me, at the end, it’s all gonna knit together.

Skip the geek stuff and show me cats or radio antennas or something.

Real LifeThe Code
“All I needed was a yes or a no”“Expected bool, got string”
“Lather, rinse, repeat”while(1)
“Does the news start at 5 or 6?”if(newsStart==5 ||newsStart==6)

Fun fact: if either of the things are true, the whole thing is true. The correct answer to this type of question is generally “yes”
(unless the news comes on at some weird time).

Object-oriented stuff is beyond the scope of what I can deal with at this time of the morning, but you get the idea? When you code, you have to sometimes break things down into manageable chunks to solve a problem. Who knew that works for life as well?

But then we have our “matrix” moment. Does the code imitate life, or does life imitate code?

OK, more interesting content.

One of the difficulties in creating “timelapse” videos, is when the camera doesn’t point at the same place. Two of the cameras I access stay rock-still, or have over the last 2 months that I’ve been doing this. The third one, and of course it’s the one with the view that I like the most, can be moved around, though not by me. I don’t complain (well, except on here) since I pay nothing for being able to see them.

I’m into earth imagery in general, it just so happens that I’m also interested in radio equipment, and this equipment tends to exist in places with great views.

This isn’t on a radio tower, but is utterly undeniable.

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