The Friday News

I know it’s Saturday, or for some, Sunday. Just go with it.

This is something my father used to do back in the day. 2001, to be exact. I think these were typed out about 8 feet from where I sit now, on a computer that now sits upstairs, mostly full of cat hair. A blogger I follow, Bitter Ben, would have gotten along famously with my father. My father was bitter as well, about some different things, but a lot of the same things. And really, don’t we all have some bitterness? One man’s bitterness is another man’s war on dickdom.

Do any of us really know what we’re yelling about?

My father was loud about things that bothered him, but he was loud with his computer keyboard instead of his face. And thats what we can do now, isn’t it? We can be loud about the things we feel we need to be loud about, while everyone else around us is loud about the things they feel they need to be loud about. The squeaky wheel generally gets greased, but sometimes it’s more productive to keep squeaking. Maybe the rest of the wheels get greased too.

Let’s keep it civil, folks and folkettes.

So then we segue nicely into it being almost “That” time of year. Election time again. And this speaks to, well, being loud. At the end of the day, I really don’t care about your politics, as long as you’re not … well, a dick about it. We can debate civilly, indeed, some of my friends have vastly different beliefs, but we can agree to disagree. One of these friends has known me since I was about 10, and remains a close friend to this day, even though we are light-years apart politically. You know why? He’s not a dick about it, and neither am I.

So go and vote, however it is that you choose to vote. This is your way to be loud about whatever you’re passionate about.

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