Extreme Couponing

Who doesn’t like to save a buck? Except for the buck that ran headfirst into the side of my car last winter, I’ll save all the bucks I can.

But there’s limits.

Yesterday, I took my mom to the store, since she needed “a few things”. So, we’re already boned at this point. I don’t want to generalize this to all women, but … we all know the type. There is no “a few things”. She likes to “wander around to see what’s on sale”.

Standard disclaimer: I’d take a bullet for my mom, as we all should be willing to. She’s one of the most incredibly real people in my life, and I applaud her for all she does.

You know, we’ll do a little comparison.

Girl ShoppingGuy Shopping
“We should get some arugala!”“Green leafy stuff”
“Make sure you get sustainably and responsibly sourced food!”*realizes logic of driving 22 miles to save the earth from … me*
*twiddles on phone for 10 minutes looking for 30 cents off coupon**hands mom 30 cents and scans on*
“Brand X vitamins are so much better than Brand Y vitamins”“They’re literally the same chemical. Vitamin A is Vitamin A. If it were different, they couldn’t call it Vitamin A”.
“If we spend $100 at the store, we get 10 cents a gallon off at their gas station!”*does math, and droves two blocks away where it’s 30 cents cheaper than the store’s ‘discounted’ price*
“Oh, I can’t get in and out of Walmart in less than an hour”I can, and do. Regularly.
Girls vs Guys shopping

Long story short – if it costs more money to save money, then you haven’t saved anything. Grocery stores are set up like a maze – beat them at their own game!

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