Snow, part deux

Everywhere but here, as usual. Photos are from CDOT highway cameras from around the state. The furthest one of these from me is about 100 miles from me. Curious? Peek for yourself here.

The closest verifiable snow to me, about 5 miles (and 3000 vertical feet) away.

I guess I’m a little weather obsessed, and it’s ok to talk about that, isn’t it? And weather has some interesting connections to dickdom that I bet you never thought about.

Our weather here is wildly variable, especially in spring and fall. Depending on where you are in the state, it can be in the 90’s in one spot, and in the 30’s somewhere else. It also changes quickly. In 2020 we had a 72-hour period where it went from near 100 degrees, to four inches of snow. If you live here (or in an area like this), you get it.

I find the concept of “snow days” interesting. When I was a kid, living in the same place I do now (literally 4 houses down the street), generally the school bus got up here before the snowplow did. In a given winter, there may or may not actually be a snow day.

Now, I’ve seen them close down the schools when snow is simply forecast for an area. I’ve seen the closed because of wind, in Virginia. Not a hurricane or anything, just high wind.

Of course, nowadays, we gyp our kids out of all of that, with “remote learning days”. Some could regard this as a sneaky dick move, and no one likes a sneaky dick. Now you have to arrange (or unarrange) whatever it is you arrange (or unarrange) when your kids are unexpectedly home.

The 7-Day Forecast

This happens both in winter and summer. I’ll explain the summer version, and you can figure out how the winter version works.

It’s July, and it’s been near 100 for a week. Then, on the last day of the forecast, you see a cooler day in the 80’s forecast, and you’re going “ahhhhh”. But the dicks are out, right there for everyone to see. The problem, is that it’s unclear on who the actual dick is. Watch this day, as it gets closer, and you’ll see the temperature slowly nudges up every day until you actually get to it. The day originally forecast at a comfy 85, ends up being a jungly 93. Is it the weatherman, or Mother Nature, being the dick here? Switch cold days for hot one, same dick, different season.

Winter Weather Advisory

Seriously? OK, in October it makes sense. You don’t normally expect blizzards in October, but they have happened. But in January? I mean, can you see someone’s train of thought on this? “Hmmm… *scratches beard* it’s January. I wonder what sort of weather I should expect?”

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