Taking the plunge

Well, Sunday was my last night driving pizza. It marks a number of milestones for me. It’s the first time I’ve left a job and not burned the bridge behind me. Certainly we’ve all done irresponsible stuff, and that’s always been my thing. I put in proper notice, worked every last hour, and left with two of the assistants begging me not to go. And, I hedged my bets. I was told that if this other opportunity doesn’t work out, they can have me back on the schedule in 24 hours.

I really wanted to keep the topper. Not so much to drive around with, but it does make a unique light, and can just as easily be powered by an adapter.

I feel like something’s missing from my car.

So, yesterday, I drove to Denver, to do a job for my new employer. Most of the time I work remotely, but occasionally they have me come down to do various things. I’m paid for my drive time as well, so I really don’t mind. It’s right around a two-hour drive to there from here.

Denver is an experience, at least to someone who doesn’t live in, or routinely travel to, large cities. The closest city to me is right around 150,000, and I’m good with that. We have two 12-story buildings. The building I went to there, is a 15-story, and it’s downright shrimpy compared to some of the others.

In other news, we got SNOW! Not here on the Front Range, but the mountains are getting blasted as I type this.

Wolf Creek Pass
Wolf Creek Pass
Bottom of Cameron Pass
Rabbit Ears West Summit
Meanwhile, the view in my back yard. Clear sky above and 31 degrees.

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