Been a minute

Sometimes life intervenes, doesn’t it? I’ve been a busy beaver.

So, for the first time in my life, I attended a business meeting, relating to my at-home job. I was nervous, quite nervous as this was way out of my wheelhouse, like, Antarctica. I’m developing software for a company, and that day I met the guy who signs the checks.

I didn’t even drive to Denver. CDOT has this wonderful bus service, the Bustang, that runs pretty much most of the interstates in the state. For $10, your ferried from Foco to Denver on a rather nice bus, and dropped at Union Station. The place I was going to was 6 blocks from there, so it was a no-brainer for me.

As dressed up as you’ll ever see me.

I haven’t been in downtown Denver in many, many years, and even though I live in a canyon, it feels weird when they’re concrete and glass. And, there’s the fire truck every few minutes.

In other news, I’ve moved my home office. At the back of our garage is an unused, but well-furnished room. The problem was that it was being used as storage for a lot of my family’s stuff, and still is. But, after spending a day of moving boxes, dusting, moving more boxes, finding alarming amounts of spiders, and a lot of my dad’s old stuff.

Behind the row of chairs and the bar, is a workbench that fits the computer, monitors and associated ballyhoo perfectly.

I have two more weeks of delivering pizza, and then I’m off for at least the winter. I like the job, and to be fair, the overwhelming majority of the customers are cool. Sometimes I even get fun deliveries!

You know your stuff’s good when you deliver it to the competition.

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