Road Trip!

So, Mom and I took a road trip, a little 3-day trip to Glenwood Springs. For her, it’s some distant relatives that live up there. For me, it’s all about the hot springs. Here’s their webcam, that you can move around even!

Cool mural of what Glenwood looked like back in the day. The river coming in from the left and exiting right is the Colorado. Coming in from the upper left is the Roaring Fork, having made it’s trip from Aspen. The peak in the distance is Mount Sopris, which is incredible to see live.

Two Rivers Park, looking about west at sunrise. I love how the sun lights the red hills. The river here is the mighty Colorado, seen here not looking very mighty at all.

This is also Two Rivers Park, looking about east. if you look wayyyyy off in the distance, you can see the second of the two rivers, the Roaring Fork River, seen here not doing much roaring.

This time of the year, the rivers are down, so it’s not unexpected.

This is near one of the tops of Rabbit Ears Pass, named for a formation that well.. you get it. I have to dig it out of a video, but it’s kinda cool. Most mountain passes go up, then down. Rabbit Ears goes up, roller-coasters you around for about 6 miles, then you go down, hence why it has two summits. Elevation here is around 9400 feet.

This is the site of a former restaurant in Rifle, CO, that was famous for giving people diarrhea from undercooked pork.

Never underestimate the value of a road trip with Mom. It’s twice as much fun as you think it isn’t going to be, I promise you. If you can take said trip in the mountains, so much the better.

Coming soon: But wait, there’s more! Grand Junction!

Stay tuned, won’t you?

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