Mountain Day

Yesterday, me and the neighbor drove up to the antenna farm, since that’s our favorite spot. You’ve seen the pictures, the 70-mile view from there is simply undeniable. We go up there with various high-powered optics, and see what we can see. I was able to see Interstate 80, near Buford, WY

I have one request. Can people please quit trashing this spot? We took a big black trash bag with us, and filled it full of various cans, bottles, cigarette butts, and a pair of panties that … well, has seen better days. It takes no investment whatsoever to bring a small bag up here with you to pack your trash out. I get it, it’s 8300 feet up, and you may have other factors contributing to your dehydration. But, please, PLEASE, pick up your trash.

The companies that own the equipment here are under no obligation to allow public access to the hill – it’s private property. But, they also know the very reason they placed the antennas here, attracts people. The view is incredible. So they’ve just asked that visitors to the hill leave their equipment alone, take only pictures, leave only tire tracks and footprints.

I count my blessings, that this spot is accessible, and all of 10 minutes from my home. Let’s keep this area clean and open for everyone.

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