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After the Sun’s extensively long starring role in the summer production of Summer, it’s overacting finally got a co-star of whose performance equaled it strength. Yes gloomy, rainy and cloudy today stepped into the spotlight darkened the earth and skies. The meteorologists were handing out 100’s this summer like Biden is handing out 100’s to people with student loans. This summer’s weather (or this coming fall’s weather) doesn’t affect me that much anyways. That’s because I’m almost always in a climate-controlled environment called the indoors. For those weirdos that actually like to being outside, and care about things outside their little bubbles, it affected them quite a bit. Which goes to show you, that caring about the inside is so much more important than caring about the outside.

The sun shined in its starring role in the summer blockbuster “Summer”.

Some people think they can affect change and that just…

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