More Weirdness about Town

I’m pretty sure I’d ruin some laundry were I to see something like this riding my bumper. I couldn’t find the owner, but this is pretty unique, I think. When I was a high-schooler, we had the Fort Collins Beaver Patrol that used to ride the main drag in trucks like these, but smaller Toyotas and such.

And before you think it’s dirty, it’s not. They were a bunch of wildlife enthusiasts, that were into, well, beavers. Go figure.

How many of us have someone in our orbit that’s dumber than one of these?
Is it me or is this box saying two things?

I mean, buy American and all that, OK, but at the end of the day (and my body) I really don’t care where it’s made, so long as it serves it’s intended purpose.

And me and Mom went out to lunch yesterday. This is the woman who gave me the impetus to get where I am today, so you better believe I will take her to an $80 lunch whenever she gets the yen.

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