Monday Morning

Happy Monday, faithful reader(s)!

Sunrise from the antenna farm

You may have seen in the news, about a fire burning not far from where I live. It’s contained now, but made an impressive smoke plume for a few days. Anyway, the owners of the camera I grab these shots from moved the camera, so now it’s pointing more or less northeast. It had been rainy and foggy all night, indeed, this shot was unusable for a few days because of the fog.

I’ve made the executive decision that I’m going to take the winter off from driving pizza. I have the remote job, and even if that peters out, I have enough money saved to sit at home this winter and pet the cat, instead of slogging it out on Fort Collins’ sketchy streets.

All 3 of the above pictures were taken before the front came through and dropped a shit-ton of rain.

We go through this more or less annually here, it’s just a matter of how close to home it’s gonna kick off. Fortunately, the area immediately surrounding my town, burned in 2012, so there isn’t left much to burn. But this all speaks to what’s happening to the planet. I’m not an eco-nut, but I try.

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