Labor Day

Well, I didn’t labor, that’s for sure. No, a friend had something to celebrate, so we barbecued up here. I’ve known this guy 30 years, and never knew he knew his way around the grill.

are you KIDDING me right now?

We also took a trip up to the tower farm, which he’d never seen before, and he was completely awed by the view. Maybe that’s why they build antenna farms on hills like that? But it was a means to an end. I was subtly maneuvering my friends and checking my watch, because I was trying to get us in the tower cam shot. And it worked!

Note me, looking at my phone to see if the camera has fired yet.

Of course, it’s cooler and breezier at 8300 feet, that’s for sure. There’s some wildfire smoke that’s causing it to be hazier than normal, plus, when it gets hot here, haze gets trapped up against the mountains.

Here’s some cool shots from up there.

And I’ll close this with a positive note, to sort of balance out my little rant yesterday. You want to make someone’s day? Talk to the ‘invisible’ people that make all the stuff happen. Compliment the lady at the store with the cool hair. Give an ice-cold bottle of water to the guy wrangling the carts in the parking lot. It’s 100 degrees, trust me, he’ll appreciate it. Service workers like this are the unseen heroes, the people that make stuff bright and shiny and cool.

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