Beating the heat

I hate suimmer. There’s no two ways about it.

I don’t know about where you are, but here, it’s hot. There’s no adjective you can apply to this to make it any more significant. It’s hot. But it’s a dry heat, which is actually true here. 100 here is a lot more tolerable than, say, 90 in New Orleans. But regardless of where you live, it’s hot, unless you live in Australia. And it’s probably hot there, too.

I guess I’m lucky in that there’s a river in my back yard. Today, I jumped in the river. It’s the same river I jumped in when I was a kid, just behind a different house.

Air conditioning is wonderfully cold, but weird when you think about it. All that heat has to go somewhere. So it goes to the atmosphere, where someone else’s A/C has to remove that heat, and so forth. Imagine at an intersection on a hot, sunny day with about 50 cars with air running.

I feel like this lately.

To those of you who live in more humid climates than Colorado, I respect you. I sure couldn’t handle that sort of heat.

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