Cool stuff from around town

Probably the best perk of being a delivery driver, is that I get to see neat stuff. This town has a lot of delightful weirdness that is what makes it special. Working at night brings out a special kind of weirdness that is both dark, and cool.

But you know what? This guy right above this, makes it all worth it. Thats right, the cat. When I get home at 1am, I can see this guy’s silhouette in the window, because he’s waiting for me. When I come into the house after a rough night of dodging drunk college kids, this guy makes it all worth it.

Apparently, during my absence, there was a small trend of people posting their cats on the internet.

This started out as a post about random stuff I see what I drive, but this picture got me to thinking, and a bit emotional. Here’s an animal with the brain the size of a walnut, but he knows where his bread’s buttered at. He is such a delightfully playful and joyful soul, at almost 13 years old you’d never know it watching him pounce and jump on stuff.

Some other random pieces of dickdom: Drove a 6 mile run last night for a 23 cent tip. And, the only reason I got 23 cents, was that he wanted change, and I don’t carry coins when I work. This guy — get this — wanted me to drive to a convenience store (about 2 miles from the dropoff point) and get his 23 cents. I saw no resolution to this, so I ate 77 cents and just gave him back a dollar, since CLEARLY he needs it worse than I do.

But, as is often the case in this business, there’s downs, and then there’s ups. The next run netted me $13, and was a bunch of incredibly cool and down-to-earth people. It wasn’t busy at the time, so I chatted with them for a few minutes.

Have a great day, faithful reader(s)!

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