More Blathering

So, it was one of those long, draggy nights. Sundays are typically slow nights, unless there’s some ‘artificial’ reason for it to be busy, say some sporting event. In 4 hours, I ran a total of 5 orders, so I left feeling a little … used.

To be fair, the 5 people I talked to were totally cool, but totally cool doesn’t put gas in my car. It’s not the end of the world, and I don’t hold a grudge. But it bums a guy out. I put a lot of work into being not just “a” pizza guy, but “the” pizza guy. You’ll remember me, I assure you.

What happens literally every time you get in a hurry in town. Pro tip: if you have to cross the tracks, just add 15 minutes to your eta. You’ll either be early, or pretty much on time. The traffic after these trains is bananas.

Is ranting about driving a safe space? Can I do that, or is it overdone?

So, yeah. #1 can happen pretty much anywhere. The guy in the right lane KNEW his lane was ending 1000 feet back, but feels the need to zoom by me and attach his muffler to the front of my car. Sorry, your —ing with your phone does not constitute an emergency on my part.

Don’t be this guy. There are people on our local subreddit who post pictures literally while they are driving around town, bitching about other driver doing the same thing.

And don’t be this guy, either.

#2: “Oh crap, I have to turn left but I’m in the right lane! Well, good luck, everybody! *zooms across three lanes to get to left turn lane*” I have a plausible excuse for sudden stops and turns – I’m trying to find something, and I have the right sticker on my car.

I do run a dashcam, so maybe I’ll start posting some of the more egregious ones.

Have a great day, faithful reader(s)!

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