Songs that remind you of stuff

We all got ’em, don’t we. So, I’ll start talking about mine, and if you want to chime (see what I did there?) in, feel free. Song #1.

So, I first stumbled onto this song, and this band around 1981, when I was 11. I think this is one of their later albums that came out around 1984 or so. Read the wikipedia link. Anyways, it was also one of the original songs on the old MTV, you know, back when they actually played music.

I first started grooving out to this song when I was in junior high. It’s not the typical bubblegummy crap the other kids were listening to. I had a 45 minute school bus ride home, and so I used my walkman. Sometimes, I would leave the house early with my coffee (yes, I drank coffee at 14.)

I live in the same town I lived in then, just a different house, and early mornings up here are special even to a slightly weird kid. It was really nice sitting at the school bus stop, just me, the coffee, and the tunes. Being in the mountains, the choice of radio stations was a smattering of just … terrible radio stations from either Cheyenne or Laramie. Actually, KRQU wasn’t bad back in the dizzay, when they were 102.9. But, as with all things mountains, it was more difficult, and hence began my lifelong interest in antennas.

This song came to a head in my life around 1987, when I was living in Virginia for a brief time. I had introduced it who I hoped would be my BF at the time, and while he liked the song, wasn’t down for the BF thing. And, like most teenagers that got dumped, I was wigged about of a while.

But, well, we all moved on. Thanks for reading, faithful reader(s).

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