More mountaintop fun

So we took a trip up to the antenna farm yesterday. We like it for differing but overlapping reasons. I’m interested in the electronics, he likes the spectacular view from the hill.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of talking with one of the transmitter engineers, who was kind enough to let me pick his brain a little bit. What an absolutely cool guy. I went home with the URL to a webcam that’s on one of the towers.

Live shot from the antenna farm, updated approximately hourly.
Yours truly yacking with the transmitter guy. Caught on camera!
Google Earth view of Buckhorn Repeater Site. Several local radio stations make their home here, as well as all sorts of other communications services. Altitude 8300 feet. The end of the long white line is about 8 miles away, and 3000 feet lower.

He left me with some good advice. The people who own this stuff know people are going to come up here and look around. All they ask is that you don’t mess with the stuff. If you want to come up and take pictures, smoke, whatever, knock yourself out.

Future plans include another tower farm near Denver, and any others we can find.

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