Green stuff

How many people reading this live in a place where there is legal marijuana?

It’s something that’s hotly debated, and I really feel like both sides have good arguments. Here’s some decent arguments for both sides.

I grew up in the orbit of a lot of old hippies. And they were generally cool people. One of them lived in a teepee on the side of a hill. So, pot has always been around me, and it’s not the end of the world. Did I start too early? Probably. But it hasn’t ruined my life, or made me forget how to do math, well, permanently anyway 😉 Seriously, when’s the last time you read about someone getting super baked and then doing some sort of domestic violence? Veeeery rare. The weed probably prevented it. You can go from wishing nuclear death on the world, to ‘lets rub flowers on each others hoo-hoo’s’ in about 3 hits.

Would you let this guy rub flowers on your hoo-hoo?

So, I’m a solid entry in the ‘pro’ column. For me, it works. I don’t do stupid stuff when I’m smoking, in fact, I take great pains to avoid stupid stuff. But for me, it sets up a nice ‘zen mode’ in my head, where I can write code, or do whatever I’m doing, and get truly involved with it. I also take diabetic meds that ruin my appetite, and were it not for the appetite enhancing properties of marijuana, I could easily not eat for a day or two, and not even notice it. That’s my big win.

But some people, that’s not their jam, and I can respect that. One of the reasons America is great (and thusly doesn’t need to be made great again) is that we can all do our own thing so long as we’re not interfering with other people doing their own things. To that end, if there’s a non-smoker in my group, I can respect that person and smoke later. Applies to cigarettes, too, really.

And at the end of the day, we can all smoke a bong … er .. get along.

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