… to my personal hell. Or heaven. Your choice. Who am I? I’m the pizza guy. Part of a vast group of largely unappreciated people, we’re the one’s that are here to rescue you when you’ve smoked yourself to the point where you can’t cook. Or, you worked a long day and have 4 screaming kids to feed. I hear you, and I’m here for you.

With me, you get a little more than just “A” pizza guy. I’m “THE” pizza guy. I go all out. So stoned you forgot where you were? I’ve lived here my whole life. Trust me, I’ll find you. It’s my job. I’m the Terminator of pizza. Forgot to order your soda? Loaf and Jug to the rescue. You chose to take a pizza-related journey, and I’m your pilot. Come, let us reason over gooey mozzarella together.

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